Using Google AMP With WordPress

8 April 2017

Using Google AMP With WordPress

Google AMP and WordPress go together beautifully, which is why I want to point out to you a few lightweight WordPress Plugins that will allow you to easily integrate AMP into your WordPress website. For those of you who have no idea what AMP is, Google AMP, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a tool that allows pages the ability to load almost immediately when visitors click your link in the search engine results pages.

Does the implementation of AMP signal for better search rankings? We’re not sure, but you can view some discussion about the matter right here.

WordPress Plugins That Integrate AMP Into Your Site

Wordpress AMP

AMP for WordPress¬†is an outstanding plugin, so outstanding that we even use it for our website here at PlacementSEO. All you need to do is install and forget, the plugin does the rest. It’s important to know that your AMP pages do show text and images, however, if a user we’re to interact with your website such as leaving a comment, the full website would then be loaded. Here is an example AMP URL from our Onsite SEO Checklist. Example.

Other WordPress AMP Plugins You Might Try

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WordPress: Learn more and download.

There are other GITHUB options that you may try as well, however, the two mentioned above are two highly supported plugins with decent reviews. Did we miss anything that you feel we should ad to this post? Let us know down in the comment section below.