Top SEO Tactics Every Business Should Use

25 September 2017

Top SEO Tactics Every Business Should Use

You’ve just recently opened a new business and you want the news circulating to as many people as possible. You’ve already spread the word through your community but you want it to extend further than that. Because technology has become such a prominent part of society, a business website is a must; but, even more than that you want it to be seen on major search engines like Google and Bing. So, what are some of the top SEO tactics you should be using to get your business the recognition you’re looking for? Explained below are some of the most widely used tactics to get your website higher ranked on search engines.


  1. Create remarkable content. As obvious as this may seem it is important to have excellent content on your web page. You want your content to be up-to-date and relevant to your business. Don’t add content that is irrelevant just for keywords (which will be addressed below), make sure it is specific. Also make sure that your webpage has content that is appealing to the eye such as photos, videos, and web-art. You want your content to be superior to your competitors so you’re ranked higher than them on search engines. (Check out our Onsite SEO Checklist for more information.)


  1. Backlink your website. Search engines use “crawlers” to navigate websites and create search results. When your website is linked on different webpages, the databases compile that information and rank your site higher in results. It also raises your rank when your site is backlinked on well-known, trusted websites as they vouch for your website’s validity and content. Find websites that write about similar products, but aren’t direct competition, that you can enlist to write about your business. On the other end of the spectrum, if your website is backlinked on sites that are filled with spam, it will lower your rank. Be sure to monitor your backlinks.


  1. Use keywords. Keywords are important because they are what make you visible to your target market. It is important to research keywords. Not only does it allow people who are searching for your specific product to find you, it also allows you to predict shifts in demand and counter the constant change in the market. Keywords allow you to connect with customers looking for products similar to your own. They also help you get a better understanding of the content that they are actively seeking. It is also important that your keywords are relevant to your product. People who access your webpage are more likely to remain on it and see your product when you use relevant keywords.


Although these top SEO tactics may seem tedious, if done well they can bring vast amounts of traffic to your page, potentially exposing thousands of previously unreached people to your business. It is important to stay up to date with your market so that you can update your website and change keywords whenever it is deemed necessary. Successfully implementing these tactics among others can be the difference that puts you ahead of any of your competitors.