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Our SEO ecosystem drives business profits, consumer search results, ROI increases, and overall the results you need for your business to thrive in the increasingly competitive word of online marketing.

There are thousands of other Shopify websites competing for the same customers as you, but with PlacementSEO we have a firm of trained professionals that have implemented a system designed to maximize your Google, Yahoo, & Bing search results for your company. With PlacementSEO, we not only showcase your website to your audience, we also organically rank it so you’ll be ahead of your competitors!

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SEO Audits and Discovery


SEO auditing, this is the first leap in our SEO Ecosystem. With meticulous industry leading level SEO auditing, our agency’s professionals will target the hurdles in your site that may be impacting your search results.

With our advanced SEO audits, we crush those hurdles through our process to make an efficient website that yields huge results. Making the edits is the difference in increasing your bottom line for your company. If you need assistance in making these revisions, relax, that is what we are here for!



On-site Optimization


With the second jump in our  SEO Ecosystem is total onsite optimization for your company. Google has various updates that webmasters truly need to keep up-to-date with. In some cases, our SEO audits show that webmasters are not meeting the guide lines created by Google. However; that is where our experts comes in and makes all of the revisions.

Our staff of SEO experts will revise headers, onsite text keyword ratios, meta tags, image tagging, and much more to bolster your website as a true power house to possible customers from consumer searches.

Influencer Marketing


The last stride in our  SEO Ecosystem

SEO Ecosystem is influencer marketing. This is where our leading agency experts negotiate and offer deals to get your brand published on the likes of,,, Yahoo News, Google News,  and many other extremely competitive locations that drive valuable brand awareness.

Further, our team of outreach prospect specialists will publish articles about your brand, services, and products on websites that are relevant to yours. These strategies mixed with onsite SEO and auditing provide serious results in consumer search.

Shopify SEO Services at Placement SEO


You have started your business, selected which items to sell, built a beautiful website, posted links to your personal Facebook page, and fulfilled a few orders from your close friends and family…but you are still waiting for business to take off. SEO may be what you are missing to help you rise above the competition and take your company to the next level. PlacementSEO uses efficient strategies to help get your website noticed.


Why You Need SEO for Your Shopify


In an age of information and tech-savvy shoppers, almost every successful business utilizes SEO in some form or fashion in order to bring more traffic to their website. Those who do this most effectively will see their websites at a more optimal place on search engines. If you want your website to be searchable, you need to implement SEO principles, which use keywords, images, titles, and descriptions to distinguish you from your competitors.


How to Succeed Online Using SEO


Succeeding online requires diligence and intentionality with everything that you post on your website from image descriptions and titles, to blog posts and articles. Everything that can be viewed by either a customer or the search engines should be set up to attract more visitors to your business or store. Here are several things that can be done to boost traffic and sales to your Shopify.


Update Your Blog

When it comes to online competition, content always wins. Search engines look for websites that are active, growing, and always adding content. Many people underestimate the power of a blog, but a constantly updated blog is a sign of a healthy website. Blog posts can be anything relevant to your website, from informative posts to fun posts, that contain keywords that are regularly searched for by your intended audience. Updating your blog is the best way to optimize your site and encourage your customers to keep coming back to the site.


Clear and Concise Image Names

If your website contains any images for products, it is helpful to give the images descriptive titles that help search engines to accurately latch on to the image. Each image should contain clear and concise names that represent the product being shown in the picture. In addition, alt tags can be added to pictures to help add clarity in the event that the image does not download properly on the customer’s computer. Do not overestimate the power of a properly titled image!


Spend Time on Your Title and Meta Descriptions

Even more important is your website title and meta descriptions. These are the first two things that a potential customer will view on the search engine site when looking for a product or service. It is important to spend time on the description to make it something that catches the attention of a potential buyer like an advertisement would, and will lead them to ultimately visit your website. The end of the meta description should encourage viewers to click on the link and browse your products or services.


Target Your Audience as Well as Search Engines

When it comes to SEO, you have two separate audiences that you have to always keep in mind. The first is your potential customers. The second is the search engines. The content on your website should be interesting, informative, and entertaining for the benefit of your potential buyers, but should also be designed to catch the attention of the algorithms of search engines. Websites have an advantage when a keyword is used the optimal amount of times to be noticed by the search engine, but are penalized if the keyword is used too many times. Some websites make the mistake of either ignoring keywords and writing for their human audience alone, or of producing unreadable content that obviously only exists for online advertisement. A good balance is ideal.


Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content issues can arise on large websites where multiple urls exist for the same product because there are multiple ways to get to the item on the website. Search engines penalize websites for instances of duplicate content, and may view these urls as such. In order to avoid this, Shopify utilizes “canonical URL” to clarify the original content for the search engine. This makes it easy for shop owners, but you should always still be careful to avoid adding any duplicate content on your website to avoid penalties.


Optimize Your Products and Categories

The content and products that you sell in your store, as well as the categories that these products are sold under, can be the difference between a successful store and a struggling store. Research should be done for each product to insure that the keywords for your products match the keywords that serious customers are using to search. The same principle is true for the categories or collections under which your products are organized.


What Can We do to Help?


At PlacementSEO, we understand that your time is valuable and limited. In the midst of your busy life, generating enough content on your website, figuring out the complex algorithms and equations that surround most search engines, and determining which keywords you need to be using as a part of your website and blog posts, can be a drain on your precious time and resources. We offer SEO services for Shopify business owners so that they can focus on other aspects of their business. Allowing us to take on these tasks for you will give you the freedom to serve your customers and maintain your business. We do the hard work so that you can relax! Click below to sign up for free.


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