SEO Reseller Services
& Completely White Labeled

Looking for a SEO reseller provider that maintains strict deadlines, completes work in house, and provides exceptional customer service? PlacementSEO provides white label SEO to hundreds of marketing agencies world-wide with an emphasis of filling marketing gaps encountered in SEO campaigns. Whether you’re a small marketing agency or a large marketing firm demanding scale, PlacementSEO is your best choice when selecting a trusted SEO reseller partner.

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Local SEO

Those of you who are looking for a boost in local map rankings or are searching for a team of support to help you push through
your local SEO  campaign deliverable’s, we have exactly what you need. All SEO reseller campaigns are completed within 28 days of
purchasing and reports are provided white labeled, which means your clients have no idea that PlacementSEO is partnered with you. Furthermore, 
you will receive access to our Real Time Campaign dashboard which allows you to view campaign updates in real-time, everyday. 

Entry Local


for pricing

  • 30 Local Citations
  • 1 Syndicated Content
  • 1 Onsite Blog Post
  • 1 Guest Post
  • Full Back-link analysis
  • Full Website Audit

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Full Local


for pricing

  • 60 Local Citations
  • 2 Syndicated Content
  • 2 Onsite Blog Posts
  • 2 Guest Posts
  • Full Back-link analysis
  • Full Website Audit
  • Two Onsite SEO Edits

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Surge Local


for pricing

  • 90 Local Citations
  • 4 Syndicated Content
  • 4 Onsite Blog Posts
  • 5 Guest Posts
  • Full Back-link analysis
  • Full Website Audit
  • Five Onsite SEO Edits

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Enterprise GradeBroken Link building

Perfect for small, medium, and large scale marketing agencies, our link building strategies are simply unrivaled. Our approach to link building includes the broken link building strategy, a method often coveted by all marketers alike, and a method that PlacementSEO has internally mastered. 

Zero outsourcing, link building is accomplished by our in-house staffing which allows for optimal control and delivery. Our link building program includes everything from basic strategy to complete hands on anchor, internal linking, and drop strategy development. 

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National SEO
 Reseller PACKAGES

We’ve taken our enterprise marketing knowledge and expertise and molded the combo into
one of the best national reseller SEO packages possible. Whether you’re looking to tackle 
ultra competitive keywords or needing to cast a net across a handful of industry relevant search terms,
our national seo services are made just for you. With every reseller national seo campaign you’ll receive 
real time campaign reports in our reporting dashboard, as well as a traditional end of the month report delivered
white labeled so that your clients never know PlacementSEO is helping you with the work.



for pricing

  • Complete Onsite Audit
  • Complete Back Link Audit
  • 3 Competitor Link Audits
  • 7 Onsite SEO Modifications
  • 5 Guest Posts
  • 2 syndicated Content
  • One Onsite Blog Post

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Full On


for pricing

  • Complete Onsite Audit
  • Complete Back Link Audit
  • 5 Competitor Link Audits
  • 10 Onsite SEO Modifications
  • 10 Guest Posts
  • 4 Syndicated Content
  • 1 Competitor Analysis
  • Three Onsite Blog Posts

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for pricing

  • Complete Onsite Audit
  • Complete Back Link Audit
  • 7 Competitor Link Audits
  • 15 Onsite SEO Modifications
  • 25 Guest Posts
  • 4 Syndicated Content
  • 1 Competitor Analysis
  • 5 Onsite Blog Posts

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Syndicated Content and Distribution

Do you need reputable brand mentions from authority websites? Looking to diversify your link profile with a high quality mix of do-follow and no-follow mentions? How about building a high quality profile of un-structured Google Map citations which are awesome for Local SEO. Our syndicated content distribution service packs all of these benefits into one, simple to order, affordable offering.

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Frequently Asked
SEO Reseller Questions



Why Should I Consider Engaging PlacementSEO's SEO reseller offerings?

PlacmentSEO has been in business for 5+ years and has doubled in size year over year all while establishing headquarters in Twin Falls Idaho. Before you choose a SEO reseller service you should consider a few things first, such as, does the SEO reseller have good rankings of their own? (PlacementSEO has 100's of relevant page one rankings), does PlacementSEO provide above & beyond customer service (we sure do!). It's important that you choose a white label SEO provider that not only provides exceptional services, but unrivaled customer support, and we feel that we easily meet that criteria. There's even more to be excited about when engaging with PlacementSEO:


  1. Rank tracking is included free of charge when you subscribe to any of our monthly local or national SEO reseller packages. (wow!)
  2. You also get a white label SEO campaign tracker through our system that gives you real time campaign reporting.
  3. PlacementSEO performs work in-house because we care about delivery sustainability and quality of our work. 
  4. We enforce zero contracts against our partners. Work with us today, leave tomorrow if you wish. Say "begone" to long term contacts.
  5. You can reach our offices in Idaho by phone, or email, Monday through Friday 8AM - 4:30PM MST.
  6. All of our work is completely white labeled, meaning, we deliver reports with ZERO branding and ready to be handed off to your clients.
Are Contracts Required With Your White Label SEO Program?

Absolutely not. Marketing agencies of all sizes choose to engage our SEO reseller services because PlacementSEO works on a month to month commitment. Are you to choose to engage our white label SEO program today, you're welcome to suspend services next month, it's as simple as that.

How Does White Label Reporting Work?

White label reporting depends on the SEO Reseller service you decide to engage with. For instance, if you're only investing into our link building packages you'll receive your link deliveries right within our SEO reseller dashboard. If you choose to engage our complete local or national SEO packages, you will receive access to our RTC dashboard as well as completely white labeled SEO reports at the end of each of your campaigns. White label reporting means that zero PlacementSEO branding is included in the reporting and ready to have your brand imprinted on them. 

What is Real Time Campaign?

Our Real-Time Campaign software is what truly stands PlacementSEO out from other white-label options. Partners that choose to engage in our local or national SEO package offerings will receive access to RTC, which allows for real time reporting of each SEO campaign given to PlacementSEO. You, and your client, will be able to see "to the minute" accurate data about your campaigns, white labeled. Further, this does not replace the end of the month reporting we traditionally provide to our partners which is also white labeled. 

What's Included in a SEO Reseller Package?

A SEO reseller package is a great way to offload the large workload associated with Search Engine Optimization. SEO packages include a full suite of services with the goal of increasing visibility in the search engines. Services include


  • Onsite SEO - the optimization of the clients website
  • Offsite SEO - such as link building, syndicated content, local citations, and more.
  • GMB Optimization - making sure the clients GMB is locally optimized for maxiumum exposure
  • White Lable Reporting and RTC access - monthly and real-time campaign reporting.
What Information Does PlacementSEO Need in Order to Fulfill Local and National SEO packages?

If you decide to engage into one of our local or national SEO reseller packages you will need to provide PlacementSEO a few bits of information before we can start your campaign. If all of your information is provided and accurate, PlacementSEO is able to start campaigns within twenty-four hours of submitting a new campaign into our system.


Information needed from our partners:

  • Client website URL
  • Access to clients GMB page
  • Access to clients Google Analytics data
  • Access to clients website administration area (secured with Last Pass for data privacy)


How Does White Label Customer Service Work?

PlacementSEO does provide phone and support ticket support to our white-label partners. However, please note, clients that you choose to have us vend SEO services to, you we will not take support questions directly from. 

Example: You subscribe to a national SEO package for The owners of have a question about their campaign, they must contact you for help. In return, you can then contact us if you are unable to answer their questions. 

Ten Reasons Why Every Business Needs a SEO Reseller

SEO reseller services not only help internet marketing companies add value to their packages, but can also help other SEO agencies outsource particular services at a cheaper cost. Reseller companies typically offer custom packages based on your needs, so you don’t have to pay for more or less than what will benefit your unique customers.  Working with an SEO reseller means you will have more time to work the sides of your business that compliment your own strengths while still experiencing the full benefits that SEO will have on your client sites. Here are ten specific benefits your business could see from using the services of an SEO reseller.


Employment Costs Kept Down

While quality SEO services aren’t cheap, they are much more cost-effective for most business than hiring an in-house SEO professional. First, it will take time for that employee to learn all of the nuances of SEO to become an effective part of the team. You will also be responsible for providing a salary, benefits, and office space for an in-house person. With SEO resellers, you only pay a set price for the SEO services you need based on your contract. Instead of hiring, firing, and rehiring people for the job, you can budget for SEO services whenever you need them.

While an SEO agency may be handling dozens of accounts, a good agency will still make you feel like you are their only customer. Some SEO agencies specialize in a specific niche, like retail or technology, so you will want to find one already familiar with the complexities of your industry. If you are a marketing company that specializes in pipe sales, you will want an SEO company on your side who understands various online laws surrounding tobacco related sales and knows what Google penalizes sites for that don’t seem obvious at first glance.


Less Time Spent Building a Team

If you are a marketing company, you may need a website developer, social media manager, content writers, and more to handle every client. SEO resellers typically offer these services in addition to search engine optimization, so you don’t have to build an entire team from scratch. Even if you already have a few of these personnel working for you, an SEO agency can fill in the gaps where you are lacking to help you provide the best possible service to your clients. The hiring process for each individual member can take months and be exhausting. Even then, the employee may not stick around forever. With SEO reseller agencies, you have everyone all in the same place, and you know that the agency has already vetted them for the job. You don’t have to worry about rehiring someone if they quit, and your projects are always guaranteed on-time. Our system has also been tried and tested with other clients, so you can remain confident in the method. We take care of training our employees in the method, while you relax and benefit from the finished product.


Paying Less for Website Analysis

SEO reseller agencies will have accounts with all of the major website analysis tools, such as Moz, SEMRush, Majestic, and AHREFS. Instead of swallowing the cost of each tool yourself, or only utilizing one for your analysis, you will have access to all of the metrics when partnering with an SEO reseller. Many offer this service for free or a very low fee, so you still have the benefit of the reports without having to spend any more in your contract. These tools help you analyze what areas of your online marketing strategy are working well, and what areas need improvement by providing easy-to-understand data about your campaigns. Some even allow you to track your competition to see how you can step up your game. These tools are a must for anyone employing SEO strategies on their site, and you get them for free with PlacementSEO.


Gaining Access to More Leads and Resources

Along with analysis tools, SEO reseller agencies will have plenty of other resources for your business. They may already have a list of backlink leads that fit your niche, or have a system in place that can gather useful ones quickly. This way, you don’t have to waste time contacting hundreds of backlink opportunities only to have a few worthwhile links come your way. Many businesses don’t know that a bad link can actually damage your rank, or how to filter the good from the bad. SEO reseller agencies have already built trust with their leads, and you get to benefit from the relationship without doing any of the hard work. If you want to attain a high rank and stay there, quality backlinks are the key to achieving this.


Less Time Spent Learning SEO

Learning the complexities of SEO and the ever-shifting Google algorithm requirements sometimes feels like getting a college degree in SEO. Many marketing companies don’t have the time to add SEO to their repertoire of knowledge, but they also can’t afford to ignore it. SEO integrates into and strengthens any marketing campaign, and customers are starting to want it included in their packages. If you don’t offer SEO as part of your marketing package, they may go to another agency that does. However, this doesn’t mean you have to become an expert in SEO strategy on top of your already complicated job. An SEO reseller already has their PhD in SEO and can jump right in to partnering with your campaigns.


White Label

If you’re worried about customers noticing that the SEO services are being performed by a third party, make sure you choose an agency who practices white label reporting. Although we take full responsibility and pride in our work, we don’t mind letting you take the credit for our good work. This means, everything you receive from us will exclude our own branding so that everything you present to your customers appears to be from the same place—you. Before you order press releases, links, keyword research, or any other service, make sure you’re getting it white-label.  


More Time Spent on Your Business

You probably didn’t start your business to be bogged down by technical details every day. Whether it’s on-page SEO or including meta tags in your code, let the SEO agency handle all of the behind-the-scenes online aspects of your strategy while you focus on the font-of-house customer relations and product development. Business owners already wear multiple hats, but SEO expert doesn’t need to be one of them.


Boosting Your Strengths and Filling in Your Areas of Weakness

Like we have alluded to above, SEO reseller services can help both marketing agencies and other SEO professionals fill their areas of weakness. If you need quality writers who deliver content on time, we can help with that. If you want to tap into our backlink resources or analysis tools, we’re happy to share. SEO reseller providers can fill in the gaps while you keep improving your established strengths. Our goal is to work with you in the unique way that you need and don’t want to push our plan onto yours. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions you have relating to our mutual strategies.


Access to Insider Knowledge

Because reselling isn’t the only service we offer, we have clients just like you who are counting on us to boost their website ranks every day. We are out in the marketplace experiencing everything you are and can empathize with where you are coming from. Since we see first-hand the effects our actions have on rank, we know right away if something is working or not, and have dozens of examples to show us. We are constantly staying updated on Google algorithm changes, how to perform effective keyword searches, and backlink strategies that will help each individual business the best. Take advantage of our knowledge—it’s what we’re here for!


Simple Order Tracking

If you have bulk orders for multiple clients, you can include them all in one sheet to make tracking easy. We keep the sheet updated in real-time, so you can see how your order is progressing. We do everything online and give you access, this way you can log on any time of the day or night to check your orders, send us a message, or pay an invoice. This system keeps everything neat and organized in one place, so you no longer have to search multiple folders to assemble the various parts of a campaign for a client.


While you could outsource each individual part of your campaign to freelancers, you will only experience the expert service, quality work, and on-time reporting with an SEO reseller. Resellers like us have experience in the field, established relationships with backlink leads, and a proven track record that will help you and your clients succeed. For far cheaper than you could pay an employee to operate the SEO segments of your campaigns, hiring an SEO reseller is a no-brainer!