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Press releases are great for several reasons. If you have something news worthy to share, be it about your business, a project your working on, a new promotion, or anything else, then great! PlacementSEO distributes hundreds of press releases per month and that tally is only growing. With access to more than 500+ news wire websites plus Google news, you can be sure your release gets accepted to some of the top news outlets on the internet.


    • Include your logo in the release
    • Add an image of yourself, too!
    • Don’t forget to add a link to your website.
    • More than 500 websites will accept your story.
    • Your story will be in Google News, every single time.

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Beautiful Reports, White Label



If you’re looking for a press release distribution channel that you can easily and conveniently resell to your own clients, look no further. Here at PlacementSEO, our press release reports are delivered quickly and white labeled.

What does this mean? It means that every report we send your way will include branding of your logo, and website URL Your clients will never know that we actually fulfilled the press release. Awesome, right?

Use Our Copywriters

Our press release distribution also includes copy writing, included in the cost. When you order your press release we will gather information from you that will allow our copy writers the chance to draft a beautiful piece.

Once our copy writers have drafted your piece you will have a chance to review and approve the copy, which then we send out for distribution.

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It’s Good for SEO, Too


Many SEO’s and internet marketers will tell you that press release distribution services are no good for SEO purposes. In a way, they are right, however did you know that press releases serve as a super strong strategy when ranking clients in Google Maps, or commonly known as the “snack pack”?

Send us a message and talk to one of our experts, let us explain to you how 100+ clients who use our services leverage the strength of press releases to increase local SEO growth.
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Cloud Based Reporting

Most services you submit press releases to ask you to wait thirty days for your product delivery. PlacementSEO, however, is different. Instead, we use a cloud based program that clients can log into, anytime, to see the real time progress of each of their orders. Now you can effectively say goodbye to the days of waiting for delivery and say hello to efficient workflow.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to resell press releases, our program offers white label press release distribution reports free of charge. Your logo and website URL included on every client report.

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Why Press Release?

A press release is designed to highlight your business and your business alone. They often feature a story or recent event related to your business to peak a reader’s curiosity. Think broadcasted news stories. You don’t have to limit yourself to groundbreaking events, which can be few and far between. However, little events can also be newsworthy and create just as much of an impact on your bottom line. Humans have a natural inclination toward storytelling, and it’s something that has been engrained in most every culture since the beginning of time. Readers love the storytelling format, and it can be a great marketing tool for businesses in any niche. What makes a press release successful is first defining a storyline, highlighting the features that make it compelling, and then detailing the reasons why your customers should care.


How is a Press Release Different from a Blog Post?

Press releases are different from blog posts in a number of ways. Blog posts are designed to go on your website and act as supplemental information that your customers may find interesting. Blog posts should contain general information about a variety of topics related to your business or niche. If you’re in the tech industry, blog posts can feature breaking technological news, how to use technology correctly, troubleshooting with technology, and more. Press releases are more specific to your business and what is going on behind the scenes, so to say. Using the tech example, a press release can talk about how your business is the first to offer brand-new products, or what your business is currently researching in the industry. They should be specific, truthful, and interesting. Blog posts aren’t going to mention your business too much, while a press release should be all about your business and services.


How Do Press Releases Benefit My Business?

Like we mentioned above, press releases can benefit any business in any niche. While some internet marketers dismiss press releases and ineffective, we have countless examples from our clients to prove them wrong. We absolutely believe press releases benefit businesses, and not just on the SEO side of things.


The original press release may have been published in a newspaper or recorded for a news broadcast. Today, we can publish press releases on a variety of media sources, including social media, podcasts, and third-party websites. This allows the information to travel faster and further to your potential customers. Let’s take a look at some additional benefits press releases provide for businesses:


  1. Increases Visibility. Any piece of content you publish is going to increase your visibility. The great thing about press releases is that it’s all about your business, so all the views go directly back to your website. Positive press releases can also build brand awareness to viewers, and they’ll remember that story they read about your company more than they’ll remember the ads on social media plaguing them every day.


  1. Spreads News to More Platforms. Different pieces of content have different purposes. Blog posts and press releases are fundamentally different, but both have the ultimate goal of bringing in more page views and customers. Press releases are published differently than blog posts, which means your content is spread across more platforms. Our relationships with big name publishers can quickly get your press release content out to a large audience. Oftentimes, even more publishers will pick it up from there and your reach continues to spread as it’s published on more and more news sites.


  1. Establishes You as an Industry Expert. If you’re the first to offer a new product or service, or you are researching something in your industry, you want to be the first to tell everyone about it. The best way to spread the news is through press releases. News stories carry authority and credibility with them, which your potential customers will then attribute to your business as well. If you’re the first to publish about a topic or story, you’re automatically the industry expert. Many businesses don’t take advantage of press releases, so you may have low competition in your niche from the start when it comes to publishing. Not only will you have an advantage over your competition in the spread of information and number of viewers, but you will also have an advantage in search engine rankings. More on that later.


  1. Inexpensive. Compared to paid advertising, press releases are less expensive every time. Oftentimes, the traffic gained from sending out multiple press releases is equal to or more than the traffic from an advertisement, and it costs much less. Plus, customers tend to trust press releases far more than they trust advertisements. For more credibility and more traffic, press releases are a bargain!


  1. Attracts Potential Investors. Not only do potential customers read press releases, but potential investors do as well. A bonus from press releases is that you may attract potential investors who see the promise in your business. While gaining potential investors isn’t the main goal of press releases, it is a nice perk that has already benefitted many businesses.


How Do Press Releases Work?

Rarely do press releases lead to top story national media coverage with instant popularity. Oftentimes, this won’t be the goal of your own business anyway (unless you have a nationwide business). Instead, what is going to be most beneficial to a business is publishing a press release on a local media channel. This way, actual potential customers will see your content instead of thousands of far away people who can’t use your products or services. Local SEO is huge when it comes to press releases. Once you determine which sources of media will be most beneficial to publish on, the next step is writing content with SEO in mind.


How Press Releases Impact SEO

Speaking of SEO, a single press release isn’t going to have long-term major impacts on your search engine rankings. Like everything involving SEO, many factors work together to make your efforts successful. Both on-site and off-site SEO work together to create a robust marketing strategy that will withstand Google algorithm changes and the ever-evolving online experiences. Just like with blog posts, a consistent stream of press releases will have the most impact on your rankings. Some businesses may require weekly press releases, while others may only need monthly press releases. Regardless, consistency is the key to making press releases most effective.


Press releases are designed around keywords that you want your site to rank for, so keywords become crucial when deciding what to write about. Content that’s only written around a keyword won’t be as strong as content that is written for the audience and happens to include a strategic keyword. We recommend not writing content just for the sake of writing content, but designing well-written press releases that accomplish your goals. When using press releases to rank locally, we often use city and states included in our keywords for more precision. This benefits users who are trying to find products and services in their specific geographical location. For instance, your cellphone repair website may not pop up for the search “cellphone repair”, but it may show up for “cellphone repair Austin TX”, if your shop is in fact located in Austin, Texas. Writing content for those specific readers will be more productive than trying to write content and rank for just “cellphone repair” on a national level. While your press releases may not receive national attention, sometimes the biggest profits come from little local SEO strategies.


Another bonus that press releases provide is influence on your overall search engine ranking. Press releases include links back to your page, but they are published on third-party websites. Google and other search engines see this as authority-boosting and take your page more seriously than a page with no backlinks to it. If your press releases are published on multiple news sites, your page gains even more authority and is more likely to be ranked higher. Continuous publishing allows you to earn and hold one of those top spots in search engine results.


Are Press Releases for You?

In short, yes. We hope you have seen the value in press releases, and we look forward to getting you started on your journey. Those who dismiss the legitimacy of press releases either don’t know what they’re doing or only tried one, didn’t see any fruit, and gave up. If you would like to dabble in press releases, we strongly recommend working with a professional who will provide in-depth keyword research, supply well-written pieces of content, and establish a press release plan that fits with the rest of your SEO strategy. Not all companies that provide press releases are the same. While press releases are cheaper than many other pieces of marketing, it doesn’t mean the quality should also be. Press releases not only boost your local SEO rankings, but also provide several other benefits to your business such as brand awareness, credibility boosts, and looks from potential investors. Quality pieces of content from credible professionals will ensure you receive all the benefits press releases can provide to you.