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The time has come to work with a team that applies the necessary leg work, strategies, and planning to successfully increase Google, Yahoo, & Bing rankings for your website. At PlacementSEO, not only will we get your website positioned where it needs to be, it’s going to stay there as well!

    • Comprehensive, Enterprise Level Onsite Auditing
    • Custom Tailored Onsite Content Development
    • Enterprise Level Keyword Research
    • Extended Link Building Outreach Campaigns

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SEO Audits and Discovery


SEO auditing and discovery, this is the first component of our SEO Ecosystem. By performing enterprise level SEO auditing our agency will identify the exact issues that may be hindering current consumer search exposure.

Our enterprise SEO audits are streamlined and easy to follow. Understanding necessary edits to make is the first step to increasing the overall bottom line for your business. For those who are not technically savvy, don’t worry, we can fix and make adjustments for you, its all part of the greater plan.



On-site Optimization


Serving as our second step to our SEO Ecosystem is performing complete onsite optimization on your website. Google has established many different standards which webmasters truly need to keep up-to-date with. In some cases, our SEO audits reveal that webmasters are failing to meet standards imposed by Google. This is where our agency comes into play.

Our experts will help adjust headers, onsite text keyword ratios, meta tags, image tagging, and so much more to ensure that your website has the best chance possible to outperform your competition through consumer search.

Influencer Marketing


Third step in our SEO Ecosystem, influencer marketing. This is where our leading agency experts negotiate and offer deals to get your brand published on the likes of Forbes.com, Huffingtonpost.com, Inc.com, Yahoo News, Google News,  and many other extremely competitive locations that drive valuable brand awareness.

Further, our team of outreach prospect specialists will publish articles about your brand, services, and products on websites that are relevant to yours. These strategies mixed with onsite SEO and auditing provide serious results in consumer search.

Cloud Based Reporting


Leveraging intelligent cloud based software, PlacementSEO can track and record real time statuses and updates regarding your website and growth performance. Once per week our agency delivers each and every customer a tailored report that reveals wins and losses. This is how our team holds itself accountable.


Never again be in the dark regarding your internet marketing. We believe in 100% transparency.  Simply login at anytime to view real results and all of the work our agency has completed, and is still working on.

Why Do Philadelphia Businesses Need SEO?


Search engine optimization is not something only the big national companies use. It’s not even something only big national companies can afford. SEO can benefit any business, no matter the size or budget. Many SEO companies include different packages that appeal to both large and small businesses. They know that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to SEO, so you’re likely to find a plan that works with your specific needs.


The purpose of SEO is to help businesses increase their visibility on the web. Simply having a website doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive online world. SEO uses specific strategies and techniques to help your site show up on the first page of relevant searches. Did you know most users won’t look past the first page in a search result? If your website is sitting at number 11 or 12, you’re missing out on thousands of potential customers. Our job is to help you get in front of those thousands of customers with local Philadelphia SEO.


While you may not be able to compete with larger companies for ranking under the most coveted general keywords, it doesn’t mean you can’t still strategize to increase your website traffic. It may take a bit more research, creativity, and time, but ranking a small business website is possible. Take it from us! We’ve already helped dozens of small businesses rank for relevant keywords and achieve their goals. We’re ready to help you too. Most of the time, local SEO turns out to be more profitable than general SEO for small businesses. While everyone else is competing for the top keywords, you can quietly rank for more pointed local searches that bring in the majority of your business. Here are a few more ways SEO can help your small business increase traffic and increase profits:


  1. Access to online customers. Having a website is a great starting point, but without SEO, and specifically Philadelphia SEO, you could be missing out on thousands of potential customers. People are turning more and more to web searches for information on products, locations, and reviews before they purchase goods and services. They won’t know that you exist unless you put yourself out there. Your on-site content and off-site links will point back to your website where potential customers can then view the goods and services you offer. Optimizing for mobile will only increase the number of people you reach, and we can help you with every step in the process of full optimization of your site.


  1. Increases brand awareness. As your site begins to pop up for more searches and you continue to gather backlinks to your page, your page views will increase along with your brand awareness. Even if a customer doesn’t convert after the first visit to your page, they will start to see your page more and more after each search, and they will also begin to see you as an authority figure. We all know how important brand awareness is, and SEO only works to help this area of marketing.


  1. Higher conversion rates. Not only does SEO increase overall number of page views, but increases the number of relevant page views as well. We research relevant keywords related to your business and optimize your site and content for those specific words. As a customer inputs those words into a search, your page is more likely to pop up on the first page of those results. The customer is happy because they found relevant information for what they were searching for, and the business is happy because they have an actual potential customer viewing their page. People who end up on your page from an irrelevant keyword search are never going to convert. That’s why we focus on getting real and relevant customers to your page, not just people in general.


  1. Saves you money. Compared to paid advertising, quality SEO is much less expensive for just as much, if not more, returns on investment. While advertisements have their place, most people actually skip the paid advertisement links and go straight to the top organic results of a search engine’s results page. However, SEO is not a one-and-done deal. To stay at the top of the results, much like advertisements, you must continually produce content and update your page to stay relevant to users. SEO is a continual cost, but one that will generate more profit in the long-run than any other marketing tactic.


  1. Your business stays competitive. If you’re lucky enough to have a top spot in a few searches without SEO, we guarantee it won’t last for long. More and more businesses, including your competitors, are turning to SEO to secure their spots for the long-term. If you’re not actively pursuing Philadelphia SEO strategies, your competitors will swoop in to take your spot before you can say the word “Google”. Remember, there are only 10 top spots for every major search engine page. How many of your competitors do you think are fighting for one?


What is Local SEO?


As internet usage increases, especially with the rise of smartphones and tablets, the need for local Philadelphia SEO becomes greater every day. When was the last time you went to your phone or computer to look up a place of business? When do you think the last time your customers did the same? According to the most recent data, nearly half of all online searches are local searches. That’s a huge percentage! With trends going the way they are, it looks like this statistic is likely to just keep increasing with age. If you earn a top spot now, you will only need to maintain it once the field becomes more competitive.


With local SEO, you can ensure that your business appears in those relevant results every time. If your business primarily serves local area customers (you’re not a national business), local SEO is going to be your best friend. Even if you are a national business, you can optimize for each location in local searches. Local searches aren’t just a small niche waiting to be explored. They are real, useful, and more prevalent than ever. Many businesses, however, aren’t utilizing local SEO. That means, you will most likely have an advantage over your competitors by using local Philadelphia SEO tools.


They key with local searches is specificity. The more specific you can get with a keyword or listing, the more successful your Philadelphia SEO will be. When you work with us, we will do all of the keyword research to make sure your business shows up under only the most relevant of searches. If people in Florida don’t benefit from your services, we won’t focus on them. However, if they do, then we’ll be sure to include them!


The second part of local Philadelphia SEO is consistency. We want to make sure your business information, like phone number, address, and email, are consistent throughout all platforms. Even if you aren’t tech savvy when it comes to the online part of running your business, we’ve got you covered. We can list your business on Google Places and Google+ Local to get your business on the map. From there, we’ll develop a strategy based on your local needs to get more pointed searches back to your website.


Local Philadelphia SEO is extremely targeted SEO. As such, you’re going to receive an extremely targeted audience. However, this should be the primary goal of any small business. With targeted SEO, you’ll only attract the views of potential customers in need of your products or services, not everyone in the country. What’s the use of marketing to thousands of people who can’t physically use your services? Philadelphia SEO is the end of broadly marketing to thousands in hopes of a few conversions. Philadelphia SEO is the start of marketing to hundreds with the guarantee that hundreds will convert.


Benefit from a Nearby SEO Professional


While we live, breathe, and operate in Pennsylvania, we will have a deep understanding of your personal market. There are hundreds, if not thousands of SEO companies on the internet. None have the experience and insight to Philadelphia marketing quite like a local company does. If something changes in your local market, we’re the first to know about it!


Most businesses never meet with their SEO company, and that’s a shame. We believe in personal relationships with our clients, especially our local Pennsylvania clients. If you’d like a personal meeting, we’d be happy to set one up. Before outsourcing your Philadelphia SEO to a company located in another state, first consider the benefits you will gain from a company who knows the ins and outs of your market’s region. We will not only provide to you top of the line customer service, but can also help you optimize your page and market your business most effectively. If you’re interested in partnering with a local SEO business, give us a shout!


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