Managed Onsite SEO

We Do the Heavy Lifting 

Need help performing onsite SEO tasks for your clients? This service is broken down in a way that we can deliver the core components 
of onsite SEO white opening large opportunity for search engine ranking growth.

You + PlacementSEO engagement is

How Quickly Does PlacementSEO Deliver Work?

The speeds of our deliveries depend greatly on the information you provide to our team.  However, if all of your information is accurate and we’re able to access information needed to complete your work, we usually start work the next business day. 

What Information Does Placement SEO Need?

It’s important to remember that this is a completely white labeled service, meaning, your client doesn’t know that PlacementSEO is providing onsite SEO to their website. In-order to render this service our team needs the following:

  • Login URL to your clients website
  • Username 
  • Password

You may also ask that we optimize your clients GMB if the client tailors to a local market. In this case, you would need to add to your clients GMB as an editor.


Data I Give PlacementSEO, Is It Secure?

Yes! There are a very few people who see your client username and password. In-fact, we use LastPass internally, so that anyone performing onsite SEO never handles your direct client information. 

Who Will Be Accessing My Clients Website?

Only our team in Twin Falls, Idaho. That means that we never outsource and that we have complete control over the onsite SEO process.

How Are Reports Delivered?

Each onsite SEO campaign we execute will be completed with a white label report that’s ready to integrate into your existing reporting.  Reports are delivered immediately upon completion of your service.