Must-Have SEO Features on Your Website

10 November 2017

Must-Have SEO Features on Your Website


After starting a business, the goal of any business owner should be to bring in costumers. They want as many people who want to buy into their product as they can get. One of the questions these business owners should be answering is how they can expose their product to the largest group of people possible. However, not just any group will do. For maximum effectiveness, businesses want to focus on brand exposure toward their target customer base.


As our society moves towards a more technological standard, it is imperative that businesses have a website that can reach their online customer base. However, not only is it important to have a business website, but you’ll want a website that is going to be seen over your competitors too. One of the best ways to ensure that your site is in the top results on websites like Google and Bing is to make sure that it is search engine optimized. Below are some of the must have SEO features that will put your company’s website ahead.


Well-Placed Keywords


When attempting to utilize keywords in your website, you want to make sure that you place them with intention. If you have a blog post or article for a specific topic, you’ll want one keyword to focus on. It’s better to focus on keywords within specific topics rather than trying to write a broad article with many keywords. It’s more organized, and search engines rate your site higher that way. Check out Google’s Keyword Planner as a starting point, and read our article on keyword research tools to learn more about the importance of keyword research.


Strong Linking Structure


Another important SEO feature to utilize is linking both internally and externally. If you can link highly rated sites that aren’t competing businesses to your website, those pages will be viewed as more important by search engines. This will make them more likely to be seen by your target audience. It is also important to have other credible websites linking back to your own website. This will show search engines that your website is credible and that your business is legitimate. On the other side, if your website is linked on other websites, you will want to ensure that the websites are credible and not corrupt. Lastly, double check that are your links are up to date and remove any broken links you find.


Adaptable Website Design


More people are accessing the online world from their mobile phones these days. Having a mobile friendly website is not only a convenience, but imperative. Your website should be as easy to access on a handheld device as it is on a desktop. Your website should also be fast loading on all platforms, as it improves usability and raises your rank.


Good Content


Although this should already be the expectation for a business website, good content can distinguish your website from your competitors. You want your writing and content to be engaging and useful to your business. You want to have relevant pictures that are good quality to improve the visual appeal. The organization of the actual website should look clean and easily navigable.


Relevant Titles


An SEO feature that some people don’t think about is the title of the articles that are on your website. All of your titles should be well researched phrases or keywords. You can predict which phrases or words users will search more frequently and which can help bring in a wider array of potential customers. You want the title to bring in your projected audience, but still be relevant to the article content. Search engines consider whether your title is specific to the content or not in ranking structures.


While these SEO features are some of the easiest to apply and maintain, there are other features that can help put your website ahead. These other features are often more complex and difficult to put into place, but they will help raise your SEO standings. One of the biggest factors that goes into have a highly optimized website is simply the time and effort that you are willing to put into it. Some of the bigger companies that exist have people that are specifically hired to maintain a company’s status. However, they also have the resources to do so.


It doesn’t take a tech genius to improve SEO techniques; but if you have the dedication and you make the time to maintain your website, the possible reward is well worth it. Your online presence could potentially reach thousands of people that may had previously never even heard of your business. That is why these SEO features are so important.