Works in Any Niche

Legal, Contractor, Dental, CBD, Medicine, our long tail keyword tool works perfectly any any niche, guaranteed.

Perfect for Multi Location SEO

Our long tail keyword tool is perfect for websites targeting more than one location. Split locations between your keyword quota effortlessly.

Results Within the First Week

Most partners see results within a week of activating our long tail keyword software, often times even faster.

Target 1000’s of Long Tail Keywords in Any Niche, on Autopilot.
Results as Fast as Seven Days.

How Do I Install the Long Tail Keyword Tool?

Installing our long tail keyword software is rather simple and takes a few basic steps. You can either take these steps yourself or request that our team helps you with the process. 

Step 1: Identifying whether or not your clients website is compatible with our tool. The client must be hosting their website on a PHP enabled web server (pretty common these days). You also need to make sure you have the ability to upload our single PHP file to your clients server through means of FTP. If your client runs a WordPress website, you can download and use the WordPress FIle Manager plugin to upload this file. Do not upload the file through the WordPress media manager, this will not work. 


Step 2: Upload our PHP file to your clients website. (You can download the file right here) When you upload the file you should be able to access the file by going to clientwebsite.com/page.php. Note: you are welcome to change the file name, however, its important that you tell us what you changed the file name to so that we can successfully connect to it. 


Step 3: Once you have uploaded the file to your clients website, we then need to check that we can access the file. Visit the file location in your browser, clientdomain.com/page.php  , when you visit the file in your browser, you should be returned an IP address. 


Step 4: Final Step: Test the plugin file within Google’s mobile checker utility tool.. Make sure to use the following permalink structure, clientdomain.com/page.php?test (dont forget to replace clientdomain.com with your clients website. If the Google mobile utility tool passes, you’re good to go and we can activate the tool. If there is a returned error, we will need to investigate why your server might be blocking Google from viewing our plugin file on your clients website. 

Questions? Chat with us live (bottom right of your screen during work hours), or give us a call at 208.260.4060

How Is this Tool Considered White Hat?

Yes, our long tail keyword tool is completely white hat as shown and explained in the video above. We’re able to achieve a mass indexing of pages + long tail keyword rankings because we leverage relevant and unique content on every page generated by our long tail keyword tool. The content created is niche relevant to your client and gets automatically updated every 15th page load on your website. 

How Many Keywords Can I Target?

We offer our long tail keyword tool through tiers. 1,000 keywords, 2,000 keywords, 3,000 keywords and 5,000 keywords. You can choose which keyword tier you would like to leverage during checkout. 

What Niches Does This Work Best With?

If you have a very niched down market this tool may not work as well as others. The best niches that we’ve had success with are legal, dental, roofing, electrician, hvac, long term care centers, hospitals, pharma, ecommerce, CBD, just to name a few. If you have questions about a specific niche feel free to call our office or chat with our team via live chat support.

Installing Our Long Tail Tool on Non WordPress Websites

Installing Our Long Tail Tool on WordPress Operated Websites

White Label Long Tail Reporting Included