How to Incorporate Social Media in Your SEO Campaign

25 September 2017

How to Incorporate Social Media in Your SEO Campaign


It’s no secret that social media has taken over the world. It is an easy way to connect with the outside of world and establish a presence for your business. Though social media is an accessible tool that is easy to use, it can oftentimes be hard to see where you can incorporate it. So how can you use social media in your SEO campaign?


Search Marketing Integration


Based on observations of the past, the people who tried to highlight their business had only worked on inbound links. Now, it’s all about the social media. Search marketing integration uses both social media marketing and traditional SEO, and it combines the two. It makes sense because they’re both about creating quality content, establishing your brand, and building a trust between your business and people who have an interest in your content. Search engines have been using things like retweets and Facebook likes to organically produce higher search rankings. Google has shown that they will reward the sites with positive social signals. Putting them together when creating a marketing plan is important, especially as the development of the industry progresses.


Who Should You Follow?


When it comes down to gaining followers, the trend used to be following as many people as you can. But realistically, it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. It’s important that you follow people who will benefit your business; follow people who have experience in the area of your business. Because of the SEO algorithm, you will be instantly connected with people who have similar businesses. When you are connected with people who have similar businesses, you will be connected with people who are interested in your business as well.


The Importance of Branding


Using social media accounts to establish your brand can be very beneficial. It’s important to remember that abusing social media can still be a very reasonable idea; regularly promoting products can be a form of social media abuse. The fastest way to get unliked, unfollowed, and untrusted is to use the “push” mentality; pushing your products onto potential customers is never a good idea. You want to build the trust you have between your business and customers, and it will take time. Engaging with your target audience through engagement is a good approach to branding and good social media interaction. Instead of only posting links, make your content interactive—make it grab the attention of the audience. Make polls! Respond to blog comments! Do whatever you can to positively engage your audience, because the more positive reactions you get, the more attention your business will get.


Your Social Media Presence


It’s important to keep your content up to date. It’s also important to link your new content from your social media accounts. This will give you a chance to endorse links that are quality and maintain your social media presence. It’s not all about you, though. Sharing the work of other people work is very important.


Putting It All Together


Using social media in your SEO campaign is not hard. It’s all about good content strategy. This coordinates your marketing plans and content plans into one, and is supported by engaging your audience, rather than only forcing your content onto them. Knowing this, as well as easy social sharing options, can promote social sharing options will create a social media following that will keep your SEO campaign maintained and will become ambassadors for the brands themselves.