4 Email Tools That Rake in Revenue For Any Business Model

8 April 2017

4 Email Tools That Rake in Revenue For Any Business Model

Google Sheets, Yet Another Mail Merge, Gmail / Google Apps, and Email Hunter. Three tools that can take any business from zero, to hero, and we’re going to show you why. Email marketing still serves as one of our favorite ways of reaching out to potential agency clients, but there are issues that arise when sending hundreds, if not thousands of emails with the hopes of landing the next big sale.

Issues When Sending Out Hundreds of Sales Pitches Via Email

  1. Takes way too much time. So much time that it’s convincing to hire a virtual assistant to do the work for you. (Don’t do that)
  2. You have to send email, after email, after email, if you want each message to be personalized. (names, specifics)
  3. It’s not easy (or cheap) to keep track of who opened or clicked on your emails, or if any bounced for that matter.
  4. Manually sending out sales pitches isn’t a great way to keep your data front and centered.
  5. Finding the correct contacts email isn’t as easy as it sounds, either.


Budget Tools For Simplifying Email Marketing and Outreach:

  1. Google Sheets – Used for collecting data into an organized format.
  2. Yet Another Mail Merge – Automating email blasts by using merge tags and templates. (Chrome Extension)
  3. Email Hunter – for finding accurate contact email addresses. (Chrome Extension)
  4. Gmail / Google Apps – Email hosting whether it be through Gmail or a business domain.


Let’s Put These Email Marketing Tools To Work

I use Google Chrome every single day, therefore, I love when I can use valuable tools that work in a Chrome Extension environment. To get started, we’re going to create a new Google spreadsheet while creating the following columns.

  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name

See example below:

Email Outreach


Our Sheet is Set, Let’s Find some Contact Emails.

Now that our document is ready to be populated with emails, company names, and contact names, it’s time to use our next big tool for email marketing. Introducing, Email Hunter. Email Hunter, an amazingly put together freemium tool, allows you to sniff out emails related to a company website of your choice. For instance, go to PlacementSEO.com, run Email Hunter Chrome Extension, and you’re going to be served the following results.

How To Find Emails


Pretty impressive I might say. Now, let’s say you find an email like mine which gives you the first name of the contact, but not the full last name (or the other way around). All you need to do is reverse engineer your data so that you can find the contacts full name. Simply go to Google and type in “Johnk@placementseo.com”. See example below.

Email Marketing

My email is registered on Meetup, which reveals two things. 1: The company I work for (verifying that I am the right contact) and 2: my last name. Now we have the complete data needed to send a nice, customized email. Checkout the spreadsheet adjustments I’ve made below.

Email Outreach


For the sake of this article, let’s find one more email, we can use my other website LinkAlmighty.com. We’re going to go over to Link Almighty and we’re going to use Email Hunter to sniff out my email. Checkout the example I’ve provided below.

Email Marketing


Once again, Email Hunter did a great job getting us a contact email, however, it failed to produce a last name. By heading back over to Google, we can reverse engineer our email to find the contacts full name.

Email Finder


By searching the email that I was provided by email Hunter, I was able to verify my last name using Google. This information is great as it allows us to further personalize our emails that we send to potential customers. Let’s update our Google Spread Sheet.

How to find emails


The line of work that I involve myself in requires hundreds of emails, if not thousands at a time. Although I am only showing you an example with two emails, please note that you can automate up to 1,500 emails per day. Now that we have a couple of emails to test with, we need to install “Yet Another Mail Merge”, a tool that allows us to transfer data between Google apps and Google Sheets. You can download “Yet Another Mail Merge Here”. Once you have installed Yet Another Mail Merge you need to head over to Gmail, where you manage your email.


How Mail Merge Handles Email Templates

In order to get the most out of “Yet Another Mail Merge” its important to understand how it handles emails. Once you have a list of emails in Google Sheets, and you also have Yet Another Mail Merge installed, you need to go to your gmail account / Google Apps account where you can make a draft email. Keep in mind, when drafting your email, the idea is personalize it based on the contacts you are about to email. You’re going to want to include their name at the least, though its also a good idea to include their company name as well. When drafting your email, we can use merge tags to insert data into the email that is supplied by Google Sheets. Lets put this into clear perspective.

 Example Email Draft To Email List

“Good morning {{Contact Name}}, I understand that you work with {{Company Name}} which is why I wanted to reach out to you hoping you might be interested in learning more about how help simplify the link building process for agencies and their clients.”

Checkout the visual below.

Email Marketing Examples

The merge tags in the email, {{contact name}} and {{Company Name}} reflect the data I have listed within my Google Document. Each row, (1,2) will be its own separate email that “Yet Another Mail Merge” will send. As you write your draft email, be sure to implement a subject line that you will remember as  this will be how we find our draft when initiating the mail merge.


Let’s Go Back To Google Sheets

Once you’re looking at your list of emails and contact names, go to Add-ons > Yet Another Mail Merge > Start Mail Merge.



Once you have clicked the Start Mail Merge tab, you be presented a screen that looks just like the following example.

Start Email Marketing


The Sender Name should be your name, or your company name. To increase opening and response conversions, I recommend using your personal name.

The Email Template should be the draft you created in your Gmail account. Remember how I mentioned that you should create a subject line that you could remember? Find your draft in the email template drop down and Mail Merge will use the draft as a base for your email blast.

I also always keep the Track emails opened, clicked, or bounced selected, you will see why in a moment. Now lets send a test email to see what it looks like.

See example below.


This is the test email sitting in my inbox, and the subject line is exactly what I had made within my draft.



As you can see, Yet Another Mail Merge inserted all of my Google Sheet information into the email draft I had made, making the email much more personalized. Now lets send the full campaign and compare emails that it sends to both of my addresses.

Start Email Marketing

Go head and click the blue SEND EMAIL’S button. Once you have sent the email, go back and look at your Google Spreadsheet, you’re going to notice that Yet Another Mail Merge added some new columns for tracking.


As you can see, once we have sent our emails to our list in the Google Sheet, Yet Another Mail Merge adds a “Merge Status” column which updates based on the statistic of each email. Not only that, it also injects a nice tracking panel on the far right of the sheet, too. Now, let’s see what happens when I open one of my emails.



Pretty amazing, right? When someone opens the email, the sheet automatically updates the “Merge Status” column to read. If the email bounces, the column will read “Bounced”. If someone clicks on a link within your email, the merge column reads (clicked), and so on.


Finally, Let’s See The Two Customized Emails Mail Merge Sent

Email One:


and email 2:


In Conclusion:

There are many tools designed to help business owners market themselves versus email, however, I’ve still failed to find an “All In One Solution” tool for finding emails, contact names, and offering the ability to email them all from one dashboard. I hope this article helps you on your email outreach journey as it has helped PlacementSEO tremendously over time.

Now It’s Your Turn:

How have you been able to successfully market yourself through email? Have you been able to successfully perform outreach to industry influencers who have helped you increase your brand awareness and authority?  If you have a suggestion or if you would like to add something to this article, we welcome you to comment below!