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6 March 2018

Scholarship Link Building

  A lot of SEO results have to do with both the quality and the quantity of the backlinks that you use. A strong authority of your website can be built over many years. With a scholarship campaign you are …

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19 February 2018

Content Distribution Strategies for 2018

As the new year is beginning to take off, you are probably trying to expand your audience by improving your content. While your content may be important, what you don’t realize is that new content doesn’t automatically change everything. One …

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3 November 2017

Five Stages of the Sales Funnel

Five Stages of the Sales Funnel   Successful online marketing uses a different strategy than traditional marketing, but the same basic sales principles still apply. Businesses must create awareness of their brand, grow an interest in their product or products, …

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22 October 2017

Ranking on Bing Versus Google

While Google dominates search on both desktops and mobile devices, businesses shouldn’t discount value Bing and other search engines provide. Depending on the business, a large percentage of their market could be waiting to find them on one of these …

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18 October 2017

How to Translate Youtube Videos in New Languages

  Many businesses use Youtube videos as a way to promote their business and show ideas. But, when expanding your business internationally, you will definitely need to consider translating YouTube videos you want to market to your international consumers. So, …

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17 October 2017

List of Best Keyword Research Tools

  Optimizing your site using keywords can make or break the ranking of your website. The right keyword in your content can substantially increase profits. On the other hand, a dud keyword can have no effect on website traffic. It’s …

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17 October 2017

Pros and Cons of Twitter

  As our society quickly embraces new technologies and strategies, many businesses are expanding and reshaping how they reach customers. One of the most popular up and coming techniques that is being utilized is the use of social media. Because …

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29 September 2017

Google Fred Update – What is it?

  Tweaks to Google’s search results algorithm always affect SEO, even if it is just in insignificant, little ways. But, March’s Google Fred update caused such severe changes in site traffic that people immediately noticed and started to panic. What …

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25 September 2017

How to Incorporate Social Media in Your SEO Campaign

  It’s no secret that social media has taken over the world. It is an easy way to connect with the outside of world and establish a presence for your business. Though social media is an accessible tool that is …

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