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Most people claim that the use of PBN links are bad. Most of these claims come from individuals who apply 1999 spam tactics to their website, only to yield negative results. At PlacementSEO, you can be sure that our PBN links are safe, secure, and are regularly monitored for quality and power. If you need real PBN links that offer real value to your website, contact us today to learn how you can leverage our exclusive PBN network.

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Our PBN network is not used as a play and pray strategy. Our PBN links actually work and are responsible for ranking some of our clients for the most competitive keywords in their market. Before you make your first PBN purchase we will work with you to determine what we believe the best course of action is, the difficulty of your market, and will help you to make decisions that many of our other successful clients have made.

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It’s important to understand that PlacementSEO focuses hard on quality. That said, every time you place an order we make sure that the content written is properly optimized and geared towards the information presented on your money site. We work hard to make sure your links are niche and topical relevant.

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