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Moz – As a link building tactic, broken link building is an effective, white-hat, scalable, content-focused link building strategy that builds links through finding broken links, recreating that broken content, and helping webmasters replace broken links with your corrected link.

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Agencies Quickly Find the Value in Broken Link Building

Google, over the years, has become smarter and smarter at detecting paid links. With the announcement of Rank Brain, it’s more important than ever to focus on natural link building with true focus and strategy towards anchor-text diversity. It’s been more than three years since we’ve launched our broken link building program, where our team builds link placements that point back to your website by leveraging the broken link building format. Dozens of popular marketing experts / consultants / and bloggers alike agree that broken link building is the #1 strategy when building links.

Why Invest Into Broken Link Building?

1: Links placed on real websites with real organic traffic and keyword rankings. Today, marketing experts understand that acquiring link backs from websites that sustain their own organic traffic and keyword rankings prove to be the best sources of links, period. Our broken link strategy not only achieves link placements on real thriving websites, these links are placed in pre-existing articles that have already gained their own page authority and in some cases, their own direct traffic. There’s no catch, and these aren’t pages on private blog networks or free to post to websites, either.


2: Every link placement is delivered with real relevancy. Many link building providers claim that a link achieved on a website with organic traffic, no matter the relevancy, is a link worth building. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rank Brain grows smarter day by day, and because of that it’s more important than ever to focus on link building relevancy. We pride ourselves because our process can build link placements for any niche, to virtually any page on your website.

3: Our broken link building program is designed to scale with any order. Our link building process delivers more than 3,500 link placements per month, and thanks to our stack of technology and refined link building process, we can make volume orders possible without compromise in quality. Whether you order five links per month, or five-hundred, our team can support your scaling demand. (This is perfect for agencies looking to integrate their marketing plans into our link building technology).

What’s the Strategy Behind Broken Link Building?

This question comes up a-lot! How does a company successfully develop a process that can effectively scale high quality broken link building? It’s not easy, or cheap, and there’s a reason it has taken three + years to figure this out on a scale of quality and volume. However, long story short, we pair Scrapebox, Screaming Frog, and a custom outreach utility to complete your orders. Real, custom outreach, tailored directly to the type of orders you submit.

Are the Link Placements Permanent or a Monthly Rental?

Our link placements are completely permanent, you pay once and keep your link placement forever. Pretty awesome, right?

Are Link Placements Do-Follow and Indexing?

Yes, we target pages that allow do-follow backlinks and that are also indexed in Google. Additionally, when we successfully place a link that points back to your website, we use several white-hat methods to get the page re-indexed so that google sees your new link more quickly.

How Many Links Should I Point to One Website?

Remember, link building is about QUALITY, not quantity. It’s much more natural to operate a dripped link building campaign than blasting 20 links at once to a page. Additionally, focus on your anchor text diversity and be sure you are using enough branded anchors and naked URLs. We always suggest starting out with links per month for a single website while monitoring ranking progress.

What Anchor Text Can I Use?

We allow absolutely any anchor text you wish to use. Where possible, we will always work with the webmaster(s) to insert an extra sentence or two to ensure that your anchor text fits in naturally with the surrounding text. It’s entirely up to you what anchor text you want to use, and how aggressive you want to go.

Can I Pre-Approve Link Placements?

Unfortunately no. The bulk of our time is spent actually doing outreach and securing the link placement. As the content is naturally placed by the owner of the website, there is no need to pre-approve the link placement as it is already genuine and natural. Your clients links will be neatly fitted into existing content – so it is as if the webmaster naturally linked to your client. We’re 100% confident you’ll be impressed with our link placements.

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