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We didn’t build our prestige brand with luck, it’s built on actionable results that display serious return on investments. That’s why large brands choose to engage PlacementSEO as a franchise SEO partner or white label SEO provider.  More than two-thousand websites leverage our systems, processes, expertise, and insights to obtain actionable results in their preferred markets leveraging search engine optimization.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out a few of our recent achievements spanning across several industry verticals.

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PlacementSEO specializes in delivering unrivaled franchise SEO and white label SEO marketing services to organizations of all sizes. By providing a robust reporting system that keeps business owners up-to-date with campaign information in real time you can be sure that our enterprise SEO solutions will fill the needs of your business or marketing needs and requirements. 

Franchise SEO

A robust, enterprise grade franchise SEO program designed to increase organic visibility, leads, and revenue for franchisees. Also great for an additional corporate revenue stream.

White Label SEO

Whether you need a fully outsourced SEO marketing solution, or you manage a marketing company that needs help filling in marketing process gaps, we’ve got a solution for you. 

Real Time Reporting

No longer be left in limbo. Every partner receives access to our enterprise real time reporting dashboard. As soon as a campaign change is made, you’ll be fully aware. It’s complete transparency at it’s finest. 

Increase corporate and
franchisee revenues

Our franchise SEO process offers a simplistic channel of new recurring revenue while offering a platform that’s proven to increase leads and bottom line revenue for franchisees. Our software and processes, white labeled, are designed to take your network of franchisees to the next level of organic lead generation. 

On-Boarding Initiation

A critical but simplistic step to a successful franchise SEO marketing campaign, our on-boarding process allows for the smooth transition of data required to successfully setup a marketing campaign on behalf of a franchisee. 

On-boarding can be initiated directly through the PlacementSEO system, or an already-built white label solution, allowing corporate to re-sell our services easily as a means of extra revenue.

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RTC Dashboard Setup

We’re the only franchise marketing partner you’ll find that offers two means of reporting. Real Time Campaign allows franchisees and corporate members the ability to check in on the real time statuses of any marketing campaign, at any given time. Whether you need information regarding analytics, call-tracking, or organic search rankings, all of this data is visible and updated every twelve hours.

You will receive access to your RTC dashboard on the same day as campaign onboarding. Learn More About Franchise Marketing

Market Research & Discovery

At PlacementSEO we know successful franchise marketing campaigns thrive based on their ability to utilize in-depth market research and discovery data. To initiate your campaign, our experts will identify the core strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and work to develop a strong call-to-action marketing plan. Whether competing locally or nationally, you will see actionable results aimed towards increasing franchisee market-share.

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Campaign Deployment

After the completion of our thorough market and competitor analyses, franchisee marketing campaigns will begin moving forward and data will begin populating in the franchisees real time campaign dashboard allowing for complete campaign visibility.

Throughout each months’ marketing campaign, franchisees will receive continuous notices and reports from their dedicated project manager staffed in Twin Falls, Idaho.

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Marketing & KPI Reports

Franchisees receive an official, fully detailed and outlined report itemizing each monthly deliverable accomplished throughout the specific month of their personalized marketing campaign which is delivered in a white labeled PDF format by their dedicated project manager.

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3 Reasons Why Franchises
Engage PlacementSEO

There’s a reason why we’re trusted by some of the biggest brands in our industry. Checkout why some of the top fortune companies
chose to engage PlacementSEO over any other marketing alternative.

 2 Way Data Security

Our team leverages Lastpass which means very few senior level employees actually have access to raw data, meaning your information is secured both internally and externally.

Outstanding Support

You call our offices, we answer. You email our support team, we answer. Need a video call? That works too! Our team is located in Idaho, and while we’re excited to work with you, we’re also excited to offer exceptional support.

Recurring Revenue

We’re the only franchise SEO partner that offers a revenue share model to corporate franchise offices. By engaging PlacementSEO, you also open a completely new and steady stream of revenue for your brand.

White label seo For
Small and Large Marketing Agencies

Our SEO work with your branding on
every report. We make reselling our
work a streamlined process.

PlacementSEO specializes in providing an efficient white label SEO process that marketing agencies can leverage and apply to their own client campaigns. Our expertise includes  broken link building, syndicated content & distribution, technical onsite seo, complete white label marketing campaigns, and more. 

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